Helping someone you know

Does someone you know need help with reading? Almost half of the adults in BC don't read as well as they need to. One in ten can barely read at all.

There are many reasons people have not learned to read. Most are very good at getting by. But sometimes, "getting by" is not good enough.

If you are wondering how to approach someone who cannot read well, try saying: "I've noticed you struggle with reading. Do you think you would like to do something about that?"

It isn't easy to ask for help, and the person may not be ready. Knowing you care--and that you are not being judgmental--will be enough for now. When the time is right, be ready to suggest a specific program or contact person. (Search the community list, or contact us.)

After you have suggested a course of action, you may need to add encouragement. Follow up a few weeks later. Just ask, "How did that work out?"

And remember, we are here to help.