Volunteer Tutors

One to One Children's Literacy Program Video


Our volunteer tutors are retirees, stay-home parents, part-time employees, and shift workers. They come from all walks of life; some have a background in education, some don't.

What they share is a love of reading.

The children we tutor are struggling with reading and falling behind their peers. These students do not have a diagnosed learning disability. Although they may be a little shy at first, they do not have behaviour problems.

What they need is plenty of one-to-one practice with caring adults.

In training, volunteers learn a wide range of strategies to share with the children. With so many strategies at our disposal, we are able to provide the students with consistent guidance that is tailored to their individual needs.

The volunteers are organized by School Coordinator, who works with the school's Learning Assistance Teacher and the classroom teachers to support the tutors. In most schools, the School Coordinator is a volunteer.

Volunteer tutors commit to coming weekly at the same time for 90-minutes (for example, every Tuesday morning from 8:30 to 10:00), for an 8-to-12-week session.

Each week, the tutor reads with the same three students for 30 minutes each. Students are usually in the program for at least one full session (8 to 12 weeks), but our goal is to have the students catch up with their peers. This means tutors who would like to volunteer for another session usually read with 3 "new" students for their next session.

Ours is not the only One To One program in BC. The others use a similar format, with a few variations.

The Training Video link on the left will take you directly to the training video we watch during your training session. This video is located on the Junction Literacy Centre's website.

Another video worth watching is the ONE TO ONE Tutoring Video on the One To One Children's Literacy Society website (click on their Program page). It gives more in-depth examples and is quite a bit longer, so you will need to be patient while it loads.

For practice with phonics, the links on the left should take you to some helpful YouTube videos. Let us know if they're down, or if you find links you feel may be more useful. Contact us here.